Roast Turkey

In addition to your holiday mealtimes, Moor Farm has your Christmas covered.

Bah Humbug Christmas Trees are available to buy at the farm shop or go and see them in Bourne and choose one from their field!

Chistmas tree stand

Alongside a range of Christmas trees, we also have tree stands available.

These are great as the tree just slots in, no screws required!!

There is also a bowl to hold water and keep your tree hydrated.

After using one of these last year, we can highly recommend them! £25 each.

A selection of Christmas wreaths from The Wild Garden, Peakirk.

The Little Common Farm lovely chutneys which are available in the farm shop all year round and are homemade in Sawtry.

Flatlands Alpacas were here showcasing their new book (they also offer Alpaca walking based in Crowland!!).

Jules Fine Art’s beautiful paintings.

Pam’s English tulip bulbs available to buy at the Farm Shop £5 for 25.

Stokes Sauces chutney selection, cranberry sauce & coronation sauce (great for turkey leftovers!)

St Pegas honey (Peakirk) and Priory Apiary honey with their amazing local honey.

Lottie’s beautiful bracelets will be available to buy at the Farm Shop too.

And lots and lots more!