Deli Counter

A wide variety of pork pies and scotch eggs are available on our deli counter alongside our homemade sausage rolls, pasties and cheeses. All perfect for picnics or ploughman’s lunches!

Meat Pies

Pork pies, pate and much more.

Turkey, ham & stuffing pie topped with cranberry.

Venison pie. Homemade in our kitchen using local venison and fresh ingredients.

Game pie.

Brussels, Ardennes, Duck & Orange or Farmhouse pate all available in ceramic blue & white ceramic dishes.

A great selection of English cheeses available too and of course a range of chutney to compliment them all!

Homemade sausage rolls

Cheeseboard of dreams!  

Which is your favourite? We have a great selection of English cheeses available at the Farm Shop.

Baron Bigog, Lincolnshire Poacher,  Colston Bassett,   Godminster, Cote Hill, Barber’s Cheddar

And much more to choose from!

English bacon

As well as…

Cooked meats (sliced ham, sliced beef, sliced haslet)

Black pudding


Scotch Eggs, etc