Judith Jaccobs with Godwick Norfolk Turkey

My name is Judith Jacobs and I am a third generation farmer.

I was born in Staffordshire on a dairy farm so it’s always been something I’ve grown up with.

My granddad was a farmer but had to go off to the war, by the time he came back there really wasn’t anything left for him to farm and so my dad built it back up from nothing.

We used to help him milk the cows before we went off to school and I apply the same work ethic to my farming today.

We sell all our livestock through our farm shop and have a butcher on site.

Some of our customers work in food service industries like local schools and pubs.

An average day I get up about 6.45am, get a cup of tea in my flask and go around the farm to check on all the cows and sheep to ensure they are alright with plenty of food and drink.

I do some office work in relation to the farm and the records we keep on all the animals and various health plans for them and there is also some admin work to do for our farm shop.

We check on the animals throughout the day ensuring they have everything they need.

Some days we do have to quickly intervene to assure the well-being of the animals. Whether because of illness; complications associated with breeding; or sometimes they just feel like being awkward.

Farming is different every day, so we’re always prepared for what the day brings.