Full Traceability

At Moor Farm, we are passionate about providing full traceability for our meats.

I am a farmer with an HDN in agriculture. I’ve been a farmer all my life, and a farmer at heart.

I became a butcher because of the lack of traceability of the products that you would buy.

We can offer full traceability of all our meats because it is born here and fed here; we know everything that it has eaten.

So we know that it is not having any bad feed or proteins other than vegetable protein added.

The difference between our meats and what is generally offered by supermarkets can be considerable.

We’re not interested in manipulative marketing or playing with words on labels or packaging so that you think you are buying British. At Moor Farm, we know that you are.

Judith and Rosie Jacobs

Red Tractor Farm Assured

We’re Red Tractor farm assured, which is the British farm standard, for beef, lamb and all our arable crops which, in my opinion, is the only farm standard which you should adhere to.

Red Tractor assurance checks to be sure we don’t use anything untoward in it.

It checks for the welfare of our cattle and that they have plenty of space when they are housed in the winter.

Our cattle are free range but they don’t graze outside in the winter because it poaches or ruins the land if they are outside in the rain; besides it is very unpleasant for them.

It also checks on transport …to look after them when in transit.

And our slaughterhouses are Red Tractor checked – they adhere to all the standards and are independently checked.

Someone could turn up within a few hours’ notice and ask to check all your records.

It means that we have nothing to hide.


Red Tractor Assured