Roast Turkey

Make your Christmas Dinner the best one yet with Moor Farm!

You can place your Christmas order with us now. Email, phone us or call into the Farm Shop … or use the online form here

You can download our Christmas price list here.


Godwick Turkeys from Norfolk

Quality, free range turkey produced by the Garner family in Norfolk. These come oven ready with packed giblets for making your own gravy and include a useful recipe card.

We have sold Godwick turkeys here at Moor Farm Shop for the past 15 years, so can assure that you won’t be disappointed.-

We recommend 500g (raw weight) per person and allow extra for cold cuts!


Roast Cockerel

English, Red Tractor Farm assured cockerels are available from 4kg up to 9kg. Cockerel is as tasty and succulent as chicken, but the size of a turkey.

We recommend 500g (raw weight) per person and allow extra for cold cuts!

Munns Goose

Roast Munns Goose

Free range goose from Cambridgeshire.
Oven ready and packed with a recipe leaflet & cooking instructions to ensure tenderness and mouth-watering succulence every time. Available from 4.5kg to 7kg. We recommend 750g (raw weight) per person and allow extra for cold cuts! Munns Goose or Duck fat is also available to purchase to help you serve the crispiest, tastiest roast potatoes EVER!


Roast Chicken

If you’re not feeding many for Christmas dinner, then chicken might be the best option and it will save on waste. Free range and Red Tractor Farm assured chicken is available to buy here all year round.


Roast Duck

Supplied by Gressingham who produce Red Tractor Farm assured duck across the UK. Whole ducks are available from 2kg – and we recommend 500g (raw weight) per person. Alternatively, duck breasts are also available in packs of 2. Duck is full of flavour and perfect for a small Christmas dinner … or to serve alongside your turkey!


Roast Beef

Beef, lamb and pork from our own Red Tractor Assured family farm just 1 mile from the Farm Shop!

Our beef is grass fed all year round to ensure great flavour in every cut. Any joint can be cut to size to suit you.


Roast Lamb

Our lamb is all free range and grass fed outdoors all year round to ensure the best taste. All cuts are available to order.

Pork and Sausages


Our pork is bred and raised here on our family farm. All cuts are available to buy and we also make our own sausages on site.

Bacon and Gammon

English gammon is available any size up to 7kg.

Packs of English back or streaky bacon are available smoked or plain

Local Game


Venison or Pheasant are available to order.


Fresh Vegetables

We have a great selection of local, seasonal vegetables from which to choose.

Veg Box for 6 people – £15 (pre-order required)

— 3kg potatoes

— 4 parsnips

— 1 brussel stalk

— 1 broccoli

— 1 cauliflower

— 2 leeks


Deli counter

Homecooked Ham, Homecooked Beef, Own-recipe Haslet, Pork Pie, Scotch Eggs, Sausage Rolls, Pate



We have a great selection of local and English cheeses available alongside a wide variety of crackers, chutney and other accompaniments:

Godminster Cheddar, Lincolnshire Poacher, Colston Bassett, Stichelton, Barbers Cheddar, Cote Hill Cheeses, Baron Bigod, Turnworth, Somerset Brie, Cornish Yarg plus more!


We have small, medium and large hamper boxes available for you to fill with your chosen products or choose from one of our pre-made hampers at a range of prices to suit your budget.

Gift Vouchers

We have £10, £25 and £50 vouchers available.

These are great to send as a gift to friends and family who are local to our Farm Shop.

Please note that a deposit will be required for all orders : £50 for each large bird; £20 for each joint plus extra for additional produce.